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Investing in Central Ohio

Real estate investing may be the only universally agreed upon wealth building vehicle available to the masses. This is not crypto, this is not stock speculation, this is a hard asset with a historical track record that is unmatched.

Whether you are a seasoned investor or first timer, independently wealthy or average financially, the opportunities in Central Ohio are some of the absolute best in the country. PERIOD!

We are not a boom and bust market like many cities nationally, we are a much more stable Midwest housing market that is economically anchored with such businesses as Nationwide Insurance, Cardinal Health, The Ohio State University, City of Columbus, Intel, Amazon, Google, and Stanley Steamer, just to name a few. Investing in real estate offers wealth opportunities for those that engage, and our market has proven it year over year! 

Thinking about waiting for the market to correct to get in the game? Historically speaking that doesn't work in Central Ohio, and our 10 year local economic forecast is looking incredibly strong. These figures should insulate housing in the region and continued appreciation is expected, albeit at a less scorching rate than the previous 3 years. 

Duplex, Multi-Unit, Rehab or Vacation Home
Median Sales 2012-2022

The numbers don't lie, and those that have been waiting, whether it be 2,5,7, or 10 or more years, have missed out on many thousands and even hundreds' of thousands of dollars. 

So whether you are a cash buyer, hard money borrower, 1031 buyer, first time or repeat investor we can help put opportunities on the table. Our first in class technology and process will give you the competitive edge and first mover advantage.

**You can view the detailed 2022 Columbus Market Report HERE!

We work in all areas, all price ranges and through the use of our technology platforms can present you with opportunities meeting your investment criteria including but not limited to DS Coverage Ratio, Cash on Cash Return, Equity Build Up Rate, NPV of Future Cash Flows, IRR, Cap Rate, Price to Rent Ratio, Break Even Ratio, LTV Ratio, Rent/SqFt, and NOI.

Do You Need a Realtor?

You may be asking yourself, why do I need a team to help me invest?  Simply put, you don't.  If you would prefer to do the prospecting, mail the post cards, attend the meetings, knock on the doors, drive the neighborhood, analyze the data, you can absolutely go it alone. The tasks mentioned are all needed to find the opportunity before the next person does.
However think about this....We only get paid IF we present you with an opportunity meeting your specific investment criteria and you purchase the property. Absolutely no risk to you for the work we do on your behalf if we don't perform and find you your investment opportunity. We have the experience, the drive, the technology & tools, and the process to find your next investment. 
Those interested can click on the following link and fill out their information for a no obligation, no hassle, no BS conversation to how we can help you accomplish your investment goals and build your future. 

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